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New Windows For Your Home

So you have decided that it’s right time to replace some or all of your home’s windows. The next logical decision is selecting a replacement window contractor. Of course, you really should only be choosing one company or contractor and that’s Billy Odom Roofing & Construction. It’s always a good rule of thumb to compare bids from several companies and then compare them to ours. I guarantee that you will not find a more cost-effective bid out here in Texas.

Once you decided to hire Billy Odom Roofing & Construction to replace your windows, you will know it was a smart decision. But if you don’t believe us, here are a few factors for you to consider that will hopefully help bring you a better understanding of our repertoire.

The Age Of Our Business

We are more than proud to say that we have been doing business since 1985 and we think, generally speaking, the older the business, the more it will reflect the quality of services provided to the consumer. It shows that businesses that stick around usually do so from their endless list of satisfied customers and we have nothing but satisfied customers that we are now proud to call our friends.

The Experience Of Our Team

Even though we have been in business as long as we have, I also had years of dedicated experience working for someone else before starting our outfit. We also are pleased to let you know we have some of the most experienced managers and employees. So no matter the job, we here at Billy Odom Roofing & Construction are more than equipped to handle said job.

New Doors

We have a question for you. Have you ever noticed your home’s front door from the yard and came to the conclusion that it looks just like every other front door in your neighborhood or sub-division? Getting custom front doors installed by Billy Odom Roofing & Construction are the perfect way to get your door to stand out. Whether you’re in the market to have a door specially designed for your home or just looking to add some pizazz to your current door, take a peek at the following exterior door ideas as you’re sure to find your heart’s desire.

Non-traditional Colors

The most time and cost-effective way to customize your home’s front door is to just add some paint to it. Don’t get this misconstrued, because there’s certainly nothing wrong with your front door matching the rest of the house’s exterior features, but why not choose a bold color that really adds that aesthetic pop to your home? Blue, red, yellow, and green are always excellent colors; but there’s always a shade no matter the style of your home and one that most don’t expect to see on a door. If conspicuous entryways aren’t your bag, then you can consider painting your front door an exterior accent color.

Custom Carvings

Carved entryway doors, and custom wood doors are all the rage—and that stands to reason. The carved doors are typically custom-made; as to ensure, that one-of-a-kind design with endless possibilities. The carvings can be as straightforward or as detailed as one would like. Also, they tend to be utterly awe-inspiring with their elegance. Some folks want passersby to stop and stare at their entryway, if that’s the case, then a custom carved door is perfect for such situations.

Decorative Accents

Maybe you don’t want to mess with color but you still want your door to stand out from the rest, there’s still countless choices of hardware and ornamental door accessories. From hinges and fasteners to knockers and door knobs, you can always be sure to find parts that coordinate along with your home’s exterior design plan. Some additional options will include decorative wood panels that have been painted or carved; frosted, etched, or stained glass panels; and or sidelights.

French Doors

While they are much more typically used as either a patio, garden entrances, or balcony. Did you know French doors also make stunning front doors? You can always install a single-sided French door, however, standard double styles provide a much needed extra-wide entryway and will at the same time instantly present luxury.

Dutch Door

Sometimes known as double-hung, half, split, or stable doors. Dutch doors do not differ all that much from your standard doors at first glance. Keep in mind, they are specifically designed to allow the top half of the door to remain open while the bottom stays closed. Dutch doors are perfect because they are subtle enough to still stand out, while at the same time not warranting too much attention. They are an excellent choice if you need to keep an eye on the kids while they’re at play outside or if you simply enjoy just feeling that cool breeze drift throughout your family’s home on a beautiful day.

It may seem like a lot, but all it takes is a little customization and your front door will look less ordinary. If you need more information on custom exterior doors, contact Billy Odom Roofing & Construction, as we specialize in custom doors and windows.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our professionals.

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