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Have you been thinking it may be time to repair or maybe replace your old roof?

Many homeowners decide they need a new roof after they notice a leak in their ceiling. This leak may possibly be due to a variety of different roofing issues. But, what elements really dictate whether a roof repair will actually fix the trouble or if your home’s roof just needs to be replaced altogether?

  1. Ask yourself “how old is my home’s existing asphalt shingle roof?” The majority of roofing experts agree that your standard roof should last anywhere between 20 and 25 years. It’s also dependant on whether your old roof was totally removed and you only have a single layer of shingles, also if it’s properly ventilated. If your roof was installed over another layer or maybe even several layers and it’s over the 20 year mark, chances are you are going to need a new roof.

  2. If your roof shingles are literally falling apart or some are missing in this crucial area, it’s a direct sign you are in need of a new roof. Roof valleys are one of the most key areas of your home’s roof. Rain and snow flow through valleys and from there into gutters. If the valley happens to be compromised, you may be susceptible to roof leaks.

  3. Shingles that are buckling or curled are another tell-tale sign that you are in need of a new roof. Observe the slopes of your home that will get direct sunlight and if you can see that the shingles are curling and losing their granules, it may mean the shingles have reached the end their life expectancy. There could also be potential that your roof is unfortunately defective. Contact Billy Odom Roofing & Construction to see if you are qualified for reimbursement from the original contractor.

  4. Ever look in your gutters to see whether they are filled up with little shingle granules. Roofs will tend to lose their granules when almost to the end of their life expectancy. If you have darker or inconsistent color on some areas of your roof is yet another sign that the roof needs to be replaced because the granules have worn away.

  5. As you already can tell, this is another sign your roof could possibly be failing. You can always check to see if all of your roof’s shingle “tabs” are still sound.

  6. The chimney is another area to be considered. Your roof’s flashing consists of roof tar or cement, you may need to replace it with a long-lasting, watertight fitting, and that would be a galvanized metal flashing system.

And the obvious sign of daylight shining through your roof boards.

You will often notice a spongy composition or trampoline kind of bounce while you’re walking on your roof, which would indicate the underlying decking is compromised due to moisture. Inspect the attic to see if there is any daylight gleaming through your roof boards. Please also do a check for moisture as gotten into the insulation.