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Hail Damage Repair Roofing Services in Mabank, Texas

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When severe weather damages your roof, our team of knowledgeable roof repair specialists in Mabank, Texas, is ready to help. When a storm has passed, we can send one of our roofing crews to your home. When your Mabank, Texas home's roof starts to take a beating from storms, hail, wind, or lightning, you need to have it inspected and repaired right away. If left unattended, water damage can easily transform a minor fix into a major hassle. In addition to providing storm damage services, we also install brand-new roofs for developmental homes and replace, re-roof, and re-roof existing roofs. Here in Mabank, Texas, we are a full-service roof replacement company with years of experience installing tile roofs, shingle roofs, foam roofs, flat roofs, sloped roofs, pitched roofs, rubber roofs, shake roofs, and more. When you need a brand-new one, you want the materials that will last the longest, have a great warranty, and be reasonably priced. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Billy Odom Roofing & Construction is renowned for its quality and dependability. We also care about your family's safety while we work on your Mabank, Texas, home. We make any necessary roof repairs to the decking below before we replace your old roof. The majority of insurance companies are very familiar with our high-quality work, and we'll make the entire process as seamless as glass if you need a new roof as a result of storm damage. We can assist you with roof insurance claims. Give our friendly crew a call or email us today to see more of our services in Mabank, Texas!


Wind Damage Repair in Mabank, Texas

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A precise diagnosis of any problems with water intrusion, wind or hail damage, roofing upgrades, maintenance, or replacements for your home will be made by Billy Odom Roofing & Construction in Mabank, Texas. In order to help our clients minimize damage to their Mabank, Texas roofs, we frequently offer immediate temporary solutions, such as the application of sealants or other short-term fixes, and we'll move quickly to complete permanent repairs whenever we can. Our constant objective is to carry out repairs quickly and expertly. Sometimes repairing a roof is not the most economical course of action or the roof is beyond repair. In these situations, different choices are made based on the requirements of each client. Early detection of potential issues in Mabank, Texas is essential to preventing more serious and pricey roofing, so we always advise roof inspections. Despite the fact that your roof may seem to be in good shape, careful inspections may reveal less obvious damage. A preventative roofing maintenance program is your best line of defense against any damage. In Mabank, Texas, Billy Odom Roofing & Construction will assess your roof, create a maintenance plan, and extend the lifespan of your roof in order to safeguard your home's major investment, reduce costs, and ensure the safety of everything underneath your roof. Give our helpful staff a call right away to find out what we can do for you if you live in Mabank, Texas, and require roofing assistance. We are prepared to help you with almost any roofing issue, whether it be a residential, commercial, or emergency situation.

Door Repairs and Replacement Services in Mabank, Texas

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Need a hand in customizing and upgrading your interior bathroom and kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors? Billy Odom Roofing & Construction cabinet refacing in Mabank, Texas transforms outdated interior spaces by customizing, remodeling, refacing, and refinishing cabinets, countertops, bedroom sets, home offices, home bars, laundry rooms, entertainment centers, and much more. Offering a wide range of full-scope kitchens, bathrooms, and functionality planning customized to meet your needs. You are a valued customer. Billy Odom Roofing & Construction guarantees to provide a high level of customer satisfaction by giving you constant updates on the progress of your home improvement project. Our team consults before any changes or development on a project, and all the information concerning the project is communicated, to help prepare accordingly for your installation, and beautiful transformation. Not only do we specialize in refacing cabinets and cabinet doors in Mabank, Texas, but we offer many turnkey solutions that help transform any size of interior space. So if you are in the Mabank, Texas area and need cabinet refacing, repairing, or refacing give us a call today! Refacing involves the replacement of all cabinet parts or surfaces that are visible. Old cabinets can be upgraded without breaking the bank. If you’re going for a new look for your cabinets without the need to splurge, then cabinet refinishing is the best solution for freshening them up. Cabinets can be refaced more than once, as they go through a certain standard.


Siding and Gutter Repair & Replacement Services in Mabank, Texas

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Ask Billy Odom Roofing & Construction in Mabank, Texas how they can start you on an ongoing maintenance program that will save you money and include a thorough inspection, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. Our offerings are reasonable. Stay safe, do it right, and save a ton of time and money on supplies. Our skilled gutter cleaners are employees (not independent contractors or day laborers) who are protected by workers' compensation and liability insurance. We clean the roof area near your gutter system and remove debris from your gutters and downspouts. If you use rainwater collection, your gutter cleaner will ensure that the water flows properly to prevent soil and terrain damage or that it is properly collected in rain barrels. During your Mabank, Texas gutter cleaning appointment, we will also examine and spot any areas that require repair, such as the gutter system, siding, or exterior trim. Options that will help you save money and add value can be discussed. We arrive on time, respect your time and property, and after the project is finished, we thoroughly clean the job site. We don't consider gutter repair until rainwater damages our home, gets inside, or ruins our landscaping. Consumer Reports lists runaway rainwater that pours over the gutters and puddles along the foundation as the #1 home repair that can prevent major problems later. Branches, debris, ladders, and tools can punch holes in your gutters. Aluminum seamless gutters and many sectional systems are prone to this kind of damage.